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How to Print From The Mac
Last Updated 2 months ago

Updates to Mac OS have cause some issues with printing, we have deployed a new Printer called FindMe-AirPrint alongside the FindMe-Print.  With the changes in Mac the FindMe-AirPrint is probably be the future of printing on the Mac. Unfortunately is doesn't allow any finishing options. See Printing from the Mac using FindMe-AirPrint?

Printing using the new PaperCut system will require you to know your network username and password.

You machine should have automatically install a new printer called "FindMe-Print." This is a virtual print that allow you to print to it and retrieve the job on any of the PaperCut enabled copiers in the district.

You can start printing to the new printer from any of your applications. If you are printing form Google Chrome, you can also print using Mobility Print. How to print from Google Chrome or a Chromebook


If you are printing from Chrome you may have to click on the "See More..." under that printer Destination menu.


After you print you should get an authentication box. This is where you will type your network username and password. You may also want to check the box to "Remember this password in my keychain."


If this box does show you may have to click on the printer in your Dock and click the refresh button on the Print Queue box:


If you still don't see the dialog boxes got to the little apple in the upper left corner -> System Preferences -> Printers and double click on FindMe-Print.

Retrieving Print Jobs

Logging In To The Copier
(If you haven't associated your fob with your account see this page)
After you have associated your fob to your account you can go up to any PaperCut enabled copier and swipe your card on the panel with this symbol.


Printing Jobs
Once your are logged in click the job you would like to print or print all queued jobs.


Make sure you click Log Out once you are finished using the copier.

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